backing options

HexBac ™

Solution dyed range comes standard with HexBac™, our most durable and stable backing system. HexBac™ has been proven against deformation, shrinkage or deterioration in both laboratory and countless project cases. Other advantages include minimal VOCs emission, fire resistance and recyclability.

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ESC ™ Elastic Back

A proprietarily developed backing system that offers relaxed foot comfort, excellent acoustic performance and dimensional stability. ESC™ Elastic Back has cushion back option equipped as standard.

Cushion Back

This backing option significantly reduces foot stress for scenarios such as prolonged standing position or frequent walking in work places. It comes standard with ESC ™ Elastic Back.

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BVT ™ Back

Fully developed in house backing system specically designed for Infinty Dye modular carpet tiles, as ancompliment option for ESC Elastic Cushion Back, this backing provides firm foot feedback and allow for tighter budget projects.

Flexible Option

BVT™ Back can be applied to both Infinity Dye product as well as our standard SDN products, giving your project an option to fit in that tight budget.

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