Alongside of manufacturing quality end products, as part of social and environment
responsibility, our aim is to minimizing emission, waste through undertaking
recycling process in the process of sustainable manufacturing.

When our product reaches end of life, we spend most of effort to bring it back and
recycle the materials. Our three‐stage separation recycling process is a key factor in
contributing towards Eco‐Revive scheme. Recycled carpet tiles go through rigorous
stages of separation and filtering, those material which meets standard will go into
the next production line of carpet tile.

During the production cycle, we eliminate all possible waste emission. For instance,
with our Infinity dye™ Injection production technique, we completely eliminated
discharging waste water and minimized raw material and energy consumption. This
is achieved by direct ink injection into yarn face thus redundant or by‐products are
brought down to a minimal level.